Black Tuesday (1929)

In the 1920s, the US stock market expanded rapidly and reached a peak in August 1929, when prices began to decline while speculation increased. On October 24, "Black Thursday," a record 12,894,650 shares were traded. Banks and investment companies bought large blocks of stock to stem the panic, but on October 29, "Black Tuesday," 16 million shares were traded and prices collapsed. Why do some scholars contend that the stock market crash was not the cause of the Great Depression? Discuss

Statue of Liberty Is Dedicated (1886)

The Statue of Liberty, originally known as Liberty Enlightening the World, was proposed by French historian Édouard Laboulaye in 1865 to commemorate the alliance of France with the American colonies during the American Revolution. Designed by French sculptor F. A. Bartholdi, the statue is 152 ft (46 m) high and is possibly the tallest metal statue ever made. It was shipped to New York in 1885, assembled, and dedicated in 1886. What New York tradition originated during the dedication?

Italian Public Administrator Enrico Mattei Dies in Plane Crash (1962)

After World War II, Mattei was given the task of dismantling the Italian Petroleum Agency, a Fascist state enterprise. Instead, Mattei enlarged and reorganized it into the Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi (ENI), or National Fuel Trust. Under his direction, ENI developed large deposits of natural gas in Italy and negotiated important oil concessions in the Middle East. Mattei became a powerful figure in Italy before he died in a plane crash in 1962. What conspiracy theories exist about his death?

Erie Canal Opens (1825)

The Erie Canal is a New York waterway that runs between Albany and Buffalo, linking the Hudson River with Lake Erie. It was born out of the need for an all-American water route from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic coast that became evident after the American Revolution. The canal contributed greatly to the development of New York City and the Midwest, allowing for the transport of people and supplies. Commercial traffic on the canal has since dwindled, and it is now used mainly for what purpose?

George III Becomes King of Great Britain and Ireland (1760)

George III ascended the throne at the age of 22, during the Seven Years' War. The war had put England in financial distress, and George supported raising funds through taxation of the American colonies. This policy proved disastrous for him, as it provoked the American Revolution and led him to be blamed in part for losing the colonies. Later in life, George's mental health declined, and his son acted as regent after 1811. It has been suggested that he suffered from what hereditary disease?

Annie Edson Taylor, 63, Goes Over Niagara Falls in a Barrel (1901)

Taylor was a dance instructor who sought fame and fortune by attempting to become the first person to survive a trip over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Days before her attempt, a cat was sent over the falls to test the strength of Taylor's barrel and survived the plunge uninjured. On her 63rd birthday, Taylor was set adrift in her barrel and went over the falls. Shortly thereafter, the barrel was pulled from the water and Taylor emerged—mostly unharmed. Did she gain the fortune she sought?

Battle of Edgehill (1642)

The Battle of Edgehill was the first major engagement of the English Civil War, fought between the Royalist army of King Charles I and the Parliamentarians. The battle ended in a draw, and its inconclusive result prevented either faction from gaining a quick victory in the war, which eventually resulted in the execution of the king and the establishment of a republican commonwealth. What did a group of Parliamentarian troops under Faithfull Fortescue do when the Royalists charged them?

The Scilly Naval Disaster (1707)

Celebrated English Admiral Cloudesley Shovell was returning from an abortive attack on Toulon, France, in 1707 when his ship and several others struck rocks off the Scilly Islands, southwest of England. In one of the greatest maritime disasters in British history, Shovell is believed to have drowned along with as many as 2,000 sailors. According to one of the many legends about the disaster, Shovell reached the shore alive, only to be murdered by a woman who stole what priceless object from him?

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Opens in New York (1959)

Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and opened six months after his death, the Guggenheim Museum represents a radical departure from traditional museum design, spiraling upward and outward in a smooth coil of massive, unadorned white concrete. The exhibition space, which consists of a six-story spiral ramp lighted by a glass dome supported by stainless steel, has even been criticized for upstaging the artwork displayed. What artists signed a letter protesting the display of their work in the space?

Jacqueline Kennedy Weds Aristotle Onassis (1968)

Jacqueline Bouvier married future US President John F. Kennedy in 1953. As first lady, she promoted the arts, history, and high style. After Kennedy's assassination, her stoic behavior enhanced her standing with the public, but she stunned the world in 1968 when she married Greek millionaire shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis. For a time, she was the world's premier celebrity, but after Onassis's death in 1975, she returned to New York, where she got a job doing what?